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The Power of Appreciation in Teaching      Appreciation is a form of expression of someone to others because of a good thing that has been done by that person. Like adults, children also need to be appreciated so that they are motivated to continue doing good things. To appreciate children is very easy for teachers depending on the sensitivity of each teacher.       No matter how small a good thing a child does, it's good for teachers to give appreciation so that children understand that what they do is the right behavior and then the child is motivated to repeat good things again in the future.      According to education practitioner, Munif Chatib, in giving good appreciation to children, several things must be considered. 1. In the right time 2. When children no longer do bad deeds 3. When children bring up a work, regardless of whether the work is good or not. 4. (Let's share if you find more :)      Giving an appreciation does not have to be a gift.

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